Pacific Media Expo® November 9-10, 2019

Pacific Media Expo® 2019 General Registration (begin)

This page describes how to register for general admission to the convention.

How to Register

  1. Fill out the form: For each member you wish to register, fill out one page of the General registration form. Click on the "Enter more members" button to get a new page for each member. For a detailed description of the form, see Filling out the Registration Form below.
  2. Confirm your information and pricing: After the first page, a preview of your total cost and a list of the members you have entered so far (most recently entered first) will appear underneath the blank form. The group discount will be automatically applied once you have five or more members in your group.
  3. Submit the form: When you click the "Complete Registration" button, you will be taken to a registration receipt page, which contains:
    1. a unique web registration code which identifies your registration receipt page in our database. Please print the receipt page for your records and bring a copy with you. If you cannot, write down and remember this code!
    2. a final total of your membership fees, with instructions and a pricing schedule for mail-in registrations. Pricing includes a one-year membership and Pacific Media Expo® attendance for each person.
    3. a PayPal® "Buy Now" button for online payment.
    4. a confirmation listing of all the information you have entered.
  4. Beat the deadline: Mail-in registrations postmarked after November 1st will not be processed, so that we can devote ourselves to preparing for the actual convention. (Please contact us during or after the convention to have them returned.) However, online Registration will still be available until at least noon Pacific Time on Wednesday, November 6th.
  5. Mail it in: Send payments to the address indicated on your registration receipt page. Please write "PMX2019" and your web registration code in the memo field of your check or money order. Mention these in any correspondence you send to the Registration department, or enclose a copy of your registration receipt page.

Pre-registration payments are confirmed via email and/or Pacific Media Expo® postcard; follow the signs for "Paid Pre-Registered Pick-Up" when you visit Registration. Please bring a valid Photo ID (such as a driver's license or passport) and a copy of your email or postcard to simplify check-in.

Filling out the Registration Form

Each page of the membership form has fields to enter data for one member. When you are done entering each page, click on "Enter more members" if there are more to be entered. Click on "Complete Registration" when you are finished.

"Complete Registration" is the only button which takes you to the registration receipt page. It is also the only button that stores information for later use by the convention staff.

But what if I get to the registration receipt page and then realize that I misspelled someone's name? Just back up in your browser, fix it, and hit "Complete Registration" again. You will be assigned a new code to use instead; discard the old one. These reservations are not part of our permanent database and will be purged after the convention is over.

Fields of the Registration Form

  1. First/Given Name. Our forms use "Western" name order, so this appears first. Please do not use nicknames here; there is a separate field for them below. We will ask for your photo ID when you check in at the convention. If you do not have a Photo ID, please read the registration policies for more information.
  2. Middle Name. Just your middle initial is fine, as we mainly use this to distinguish people with similar names living in the same city. For your privacy we do not print middle names on badges.
  3. Last Name. Put your family name or surname here. Since we do not have a separate field for "Jr." or "III", feel free to add those to the end of your last name, with a comma between them.
  4. Badge Name. If there is something other than your real name that you want to be shown prominently on your badge, put it here. It will appear on the top line of your badge, in the largest font. (Your real name will appear on the middle line.)
  5. Same address as ... Check this checkbox if the address fields (address lines 1&2, city, state, zip, country) should be the same as that of the previously entered member. This copies the street address, but not the email address.
  6. Address Lines 1 and 2. This is for your street address or mail stop. Apartment and box numbers can go on the second line if that looks better.
  7. City. Please use the FULL NAME of your city, not an abbreviation.
  8. State/Province. Inside the USA, use a two-letter USPS abbreviation. Outside the USA, enter a state or province if one applies, or leave blank.
  9. Zip/Postal Code. Inside the USA this is a five digit regular ZIP code or a nine digit ZIP+4 code. Outside the USA this is typically a postal code, made up of letters and numbers, frequently six (as in Canada).
  10. Country. If you are in the USA please leave the default "USA" in this field.
  11. Email. List one (1) email address here. When we have finished processing your payment, we will send an email confirmation if we have an email address on file for you.
  12. Please exclude me from your mailing list. Please check "YES" if you want us to exclude your name from our mailing list.
  13. Membership class:
    1. Adult. Adults or teenagers 13 and up. These are listed as Full (all days) or Days.
  14. Day(s) attending: A set of checkboxes for the individual days of the convention. Check all (or none) of these boxes if you plan to attend for the Full convention weekend.
  15. Enter more members. Click this when you are ready to enter the next member.
  16. Reset this page. This will clear all fields on the current form, except Country and State which are set to USA and CA (California).
  17. Complete Registration. Click this when you have entered the last member you are going to register. It will store everything you have entered and generate a registration receipt page for you to print out and mail in or bring to the convention.

Click here to begin General registration.

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