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Pacific Media Expo would like to establish an open community in which fans may communicate with each other and with the convention staff. To this end we have established online communities, launched cross-promotion and coupon programs, and welcomed many different levels of volunteer committment from those who have decided to join us.

Online Communities

Help Promote PMX

Put a PMX banner on your site! Print and distribute our flyers or postcards.

Volunteer for PMX

Work a few hours a day for a refund on your Membership Badge fees! Visit our Volunteer Forum for more information about how you can help make PMX happen.

Pacific Media Expo (PMX) will have two types of volunteers - "All-Convention" and "One-Day" volunteers. Each type of volunteer has different benefits and responsibilities.

All-Convention Volunteers
Responsibilities: All-Con volunteers agree to work 16 hours over Pacific Media Expo, including the day before ("setup") and the day after ("breakdown").
Benefits: Two meals a day and a refund of their membership fee after the convention. There is also a limited amount of sleeping space. Volunteers must be pre-approved and space is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis until it is all allocated. Hurry! Space is limited.

One-Day Volunteers
Responsibilities: One-Day volunteers agree to work for 4 hours.
Benefits: Refund of their One-Day membership. Under certain circumstances, senior volunteers may work one day and receive a refund for a different day. There are no food or crash space benefits. One-Day volunteers do NOT need to pre-register. Instead, you may show up to the volunteer room with a completed version of this form as well as payment for a One-Day Membership. One-Day volunteers may also roll their payment over to other days and volunteer for multiple days of the convention. This plan is ideal for people who have already made arrangements for sleeping space at the convention.

PMX Gets Involved

Certificate of Appreciation for PMX's community service On February 12, 2005, PMX participated in the Temple Street Tree Planting project in the City of Los Angeles. Here is the Certificate of Appreciation we received from Councilmember Eric Garcetti for helping beautify Historic Filipinotown!

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PMX Staff

What does volunteering entail?
Volunteers sign up for two-hour shifts over the duration of their agreed work period. By varying your assignments, you can view the different parts of the convention. By focusing on one department, you can make new friends or learn the job well enough to staff and build relationships for future years. When not working their shifts, volunteers are encouraged to enjoy the convention. All volunteers must be 16 years of age or older as of midnight, September 1, 2005 (I.D. will be checked). Volunteers under the age of 18 must have the Parental Consent form completed as well.

Download Adobe Reader We are now accepting volunteers to help out with PMX duties! Download the PMX Volunteer Form here (pdf) and sign up today.

E-mail us at

Help Staff PMX

So you think you got what it takes to staff for Pacific Media Expo? Our staffers are dedicated people who volunteer their time and effort to make this convention run smoothly and successfully. Many of them come from all over the world to take part in the Asian culture and lend their ideas and spirits to the convention. And it's a great way to build up a resume.

"Is staffing for me?"
Staffing requires hard-work, dedication, teamwork and time. We don't try to work you like a dog, but like any job, you are expected to perform your tasks to the best of your abilities. A Department Head expects his/her staff to follow instructions and complete their assigned duties. Sometimes the work can be exhausting. You don't have to have the skills to perform your job, just the spirit to act on it.

Below are the few things that we look for in a staffer:

  • Willingness - Learning is a life experience. You may find that you enjoy something that you never thought you'd do. It may become a career choice.
  • Team Player - You must work well with others.
  • Time - You must be able to work on all days of the convention, and sometimes outside the convention days.
  • Discipline - You must be able to follow instructions from a Department Head and uphold your responsibilities.
  • Fun - You must be able to enjoy yourself.

"So how do I join the PMX Staff?"
There are a few ways to join our staff:

1. If you worked as a PMX All-Con or One-Day Volunteer in a previous year(s) and there was a particular department you liked, contact the Head of that department. If the Department Head remembers you, he/she can add you to his/her staff.

2. If a current or past PMX staffer, in good standing, can refer or recommend you, then have that staffer contact a Department Head for an interview.

3. If you have skills or experience in a particular field, then one of our departments can use you. PMX is constantly looking for staffers that have certain abilities in some of the following areas:

  • Tech/Video/Sound Equipment
  • Stage Equipment
  • Information/Attendee Services
  • Logistics
  • Live Programming
  • Video Programming
  • Cultural Programming
  • Interpreter
  • Security/Line Control
  • Press Relations
  • Newsletter/Reporter/Photographer
  • Concert Coordinator
  • Industry Liaison
  • Music Liaison
  • Cinema Liaison
  • Anime/Manga Liaison
  • Webmaster/Web Programmer
This list is non-exclusive. If you think you have certain skills that could benefit the convention in its endeavour to become the premiere convention for Asian Pop Cultures, then join our staff.

Staffing isn't all about work; it's also about having fun and enjoying the convention, about building new friendships and learning new things, and about building a community and promoting good will and Asian cultures to the world.

Are you up to the challenge? (Are you scared?) To contact PMX for staffing, email us at