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Pacific Media Expo hosts a unique blend of dealers representing the best of Asian media and lifestyle. The Pacific Media Expo Exhibit Hall will be your one stop shop for everything around the Pacific Rim. Under one roof, you'll find exhibitors, professional wrestling, airsoft, the Gamers Lounge, Artists Market, and the Daisuke Moriyama Exhibit (hosted by the Gallery of Fantastic Art).

Exhibit Hall

Shop til you drop! Buy your much-needed items from retailers and industry who are the central focus of the hall. You'll find everything in the Pacific Media Exhibit Hall -- from Hong Kong action films to anime, from K-Pop CD's to airsoft.

Exhibit Hall map
Exhibitor Information
Booth Prices

New Japan Pro Wrestling

It's live and in your face as the New Japan Pro Wrestling returns to the Pacific Media Expo Exhibit Hall for its second year. Like the WWE in the United States, Japanese wrestling has grown into a huge cult phenomenon in Japan, with wrestlers selling out huge venues for their matches. Grab a ring-side seat and cheer on your favorite grappler as they fight for dominance in the squared circle. Stay tuned for event and panel schedules!


What's your weapon of choice? Noted airsoft retailer Airsoft Extreme will be hosting a hands-on airsoft exhibit. Test out the finest in airsoft technology, from automatic electric guns (AEGs) to gas blowbacks (GBBs).

Gamers Lounge

Game on! Playstation PSP, Nintendo DS and GameBoy owners can rejoice as they battle head-to-head in our Gamers Lounge. Pacific Media Expo has designated a gathering area for portable handheld gaming systems in the Exhibit Hall. Stop by and test your skills against other PMX attendees. Stay tuned for game times and events!

Daisuke Moriyama Exhibit

Pacific Media Expo is proud to honor the Gallery of Fantastic Art (GoFa) for its contribution to the artistic community. This year at PMX, GoFa is hosting a display of artwork by Daisuke Moriyama, one of the hottest manga artists to hit the United States.

After the Chrno Crusade manga developed a cult following and was picked up by AD Vision Comics, its success quickly led to a Chrno Crusade anime, which was also picked up by AD Vision Films and soon became a top selling hit in the United States.

Mr. Moriyama's works will be available for sale at the GoFa booth, and several pieces will be donated to the Heroes for Hope Charity Auction, held during PMX.

Over the past decade GoFa has had a significant influence on the public's perception of anime and manga. GoFa has sought to elevate everyday anime and manga images to the form of high art.

GoFa has served as a cultural ambassador for Japan's greatest pop culture artists. Their staff has traveled around the world, exhibiting in cities like New York, Los Angeles and London to promote artists such as Takada Akemi, Kia Asamiya, Murata Range, Shou Tajima, Yutaka Izubuchi, Yoshitoshi ABE, Yuki Kanaya, Jun Suemi, Hidetaka Tenjin, Kinu Nishimura, Akira Yasuda, Shinkirou and Kenichi Ishibashi.

Masaki Asai (APSY) Model Exhibit

Mr. Asai will be bringing samples of his work to Pacific Media Expo for display. They will be hosted within the Gallery of Fantastic Art exhibition in the Exhibit Hall.

Smorgasbord Productions Figures

Smorgasbord Productions unveils its new series of limited edition art toys in the PMX Exhibit Hall.

The toys, a set of three limited edition convention exclusive figures from the Mad Beanz! comic book series, will be offered each day of PMX and limited to 25 pieces. Attendees who buy all three figures will be eligible to receive a surprise fourth figure for free. But this surprise figure is limited to only 10 pieces and only available for pick-up during the last day of the show. Sculptors and designers will be on hand throughout the show.

Exhibit Hall Hours

Saturday (September 3rd, 2005):12:00PM to 6:00PM
Sunday(September 4th, 2005):10:00AM to 6:00PM
Monday(September 5th, 2005):10:00AM to 3:00PM

List of Exhibitors

Airsoft Extreme
Anime Japan
Anime Jungle
Anime King
Anime Link
Anime Palace
Anime Pavilion
Aswembar Productions
Blender Bros.
Broccoli International
Buzzin Bee Entertainment
Cine East
Corinne May
Delia Noonchester Artwork
Dig Jelly
DreamWorks SKG
GameZone Xtreme
House of Anime
Image Anime
Japan Consulate
Japanese American National Museum
Jones Bones
Kaila Yu
Kumiko Kato
Martial Arts History Museum
Michael Ujin Sanders
New Japan Pro Wrestling
Nucleus Studios
PRA International
Random Ninjas
Tartan Films
Tofu Records
Toy Mandala
Usagi's House
Winds-Turbo / Brigade TMR Museum
Yaoi Press
Yolk Magazine
Yousei Teikoku

Dealers Hall

Artists Market

The PMX Artists Market is a feast for the eyes, ears and mind -- welcoming artists from all forms of media. Creativity knows no bounds as artists, writers, musicians and anyone who has felt the muses' touch will showcase their works in the Artists Market. Come feed your senses and feel inspired by the range and versatility of art!

Artists Market Rules

  • Artists Market space is reserved for the three-day duration of Pacific Media Expo 2005.
  • Artists Market fee is $10 per half table (up to 2 chairs) or $20 per full table (up to 4 chairs). A half-table is approximately 2 feet by 4 feet (please confirm table dimensions with us if this is important to you). Updated: July 21, 2005
  • Each person is allowed to purchase up to one full table. Groups may receive special consideration, at our discretion.
  • Each person operating a table in the Artists Market must also purchase a paid three-day pass for Pacific Media Expo 2005.
  • You must own, or have permission to use, the rights of any creative work shown or sold. For creative work owned by someone else, including but not restricted to fan art and cover songs, customers should be notified in some way during, or before, point of sale that such work is not of the selling artists' original creative endeavor. Updated: July 21, 2005
  • Items for sale should be the result of the artist's own creative endeavor. This includes originals, copies, reprints, and licensed merchandise. Selling a significant fraction of merchandise not created directly by the registered artist is not allowed.
  • Artists must provide a valid California Seller's Permit number. You may contact the California State Board of Equalization at (800) 400-7115 for additional information. Unauthorized selling of items without this permit will result in the removal of the items or the artist from the premises. If no items are to be sold, a permit number is unnecessary. Updated: July 21, 2005
  • Pacific Media Expo reserves the right to remove any item or artist in violation of these rules.
  • Pacific Media Expo is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.
  • Decisions of the convention staff regarding these rules and any policies are final.

Artists Market Registration

To reserve a table in our Artists Market, please submit an online Artists Market Registration form. The Artists Market manager will contact you to discuss your fees and table arrangements. For a detailed description of the application process, click here.

Artists Market Information

Artists with questions can contact the Artists Market manager by email. Tips and answers about exhibiting can be found in the Artists FAQ.

Exhibitor Information

If you would like to sell or exhibit at PMX and wish to reserve space in our Exhibit Hall, please submit an online Exhibit Hall Registration form. Our Exhibit Hall Staff will contact you to discuss your Exhibitor Contract and booth arrangements. For a detailed description of the application process, click here.

Tips and answers about exhibiting can be found in the Exhibitor FAQ.

Booth Prices

Exhibit Hall Space 
(Includes three dealer badges per space)
Until 08/01$450/booth
At the Door$500/booth
Non-Profit Exhibitors‡$300/booth
Booth Premiums 
Premium Space*$100/booth

* Cost per booth
+ Customers must purchase an even number of booths.
‡ For qualification info, please send us an email.

Please note: Dealers who intend to conduct retail sales must have a valid California Seller's Permit. You may contact the California State Board of Equalization at (800) 400-7115 for additional information.

Attending Artists

Attending Artists
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