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Origami Workshop

Title: The Fun of Origami Paperfolding
Presenter: Michael Ujin Sanders
Description: Origami has evolved far from mere traditional paperfolding. It is also entertainment, and has made the transition from kid's craft into the realm of art. Through the wonders of paperfolding, one can always bring the childhood spirit out of people. Paper is all around us, and a blank page represents possibilities as infinite as human creativity itself. Learn how to transform the ordinary around you into works of entertainment and art at PMX.

Martial Arts in Print, TV and Film

Title: The Martial Arts History Museum Presents...
Presenter: Michael Matsuda
Description: Martial Arts History Museum Founder and President Mr. Michael Matsuda, along with industry panelists, will be showing several presentations regarding the history of martial arts in America, including Martial Arts in Print, TV and Film. The Museum is slated for a grand opening of Fall 2006 in Los Angeles's Museum Row.

Martial Arts Demo: Bujinkan Budo

Title: Bujinkan Irvine
Presenter: Lifeskills Martial Arts
Description: Lifeskills Martial Arts, from Irvine, California, teaches Bujinkan Budo, an ancient Japanese Martial Art dating back 2300 years. Because of its emphasis on intelligence and fluidity of movement the art is ideal for women and children. Its instructors are highly ranked professionals who are committed to providing an environment consistent with traditional family values. This environment fosters a sense of achievement and accomplishment while emphasizing self-discipline, self-reliance, confidence and a sense of responsibility. While the foundation of all martial arts is self-discipline, the Lifeskills instructors are careful to teach their students that martial arts is a foundation for more harmonious living in contemporary society.

Martial Arts Demo: Kali

Title: Martial Arts Demo - Gura Michelle Bautista
Presenter: Gura Michelle Bautista
Description: Gura Michelle Bautista has been practicing the Filipino Martial Art of Kali for 10 years. She is a teacher in the Arriola School of Kamatuuran Kali under the direction of Tuhan Joseph Arriola. She was a Jedi extra in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. She has lectured on stunt work at UC Berkeley and coordinates stunts on independent short films.

Martial Arts Demo, by CAMA

Title: Martial Arts Demo - CAMA
Presenter: CA Martial Arts
Description: CA Martial Arts (CAMA) is a sub-organization of the Chinese Association of University of California Irvine (CAUCI). Promoting martial arts of all kinds, this eclectic team of college students showcases styles both traditional and contemporary, from formal to extreme. Consistently entertaining, CAMA has performed in many shows across the UCI campus.

Bonsai Workshop and Auction

Title: Bonsai Workshop and Auction
Presenter: The Vietnamese Bonsai Society
Description: Bonsai is the ancient Oriental art of growing and cultivating miniature trees. Non-Bo is the art of creating a mini- scenery in a small container. If you want to learn how to create a basic bonsai from an untamed pre-bonsai tree, this is the workshop to see! After the bonsai is created, you will have a chance to purchase the bonsai at auction! This workshop will be presented by The Vietnamese Bonsai Society, a non-profit organization based in Garden Grove, CA.

Super Dollfie

Title: Super Dollfies
Presenter: Aimee Major Steinberger
Description: This is an introduction to Asian-style Ball-Jointed Dolls; aka Super Dollfies. Styles for Super Dollfie run from the sweet loli look, or antique doll look, to all out J-rock fashion. We will cover where to buy Super Dollfies and their accessories, the basic differences between them, and how to care for them.

Ranella, Filipino Folk Singer

Title: Ranella
Presenter: Ranella Ferrer
Description: Pacific Media Expo is proud to welcome Ranella Ferrer, the next Asian Superstar, as our Filipino folk singer!

A Filipino native, rising star Ranella Ferrer is creating not only a buzz, but also a presence in the Los Angeles scene. While finishing her first album with Dwayne Wayans, one of the most respected members of the entertainment industry, Ranella still finds time to open up for artists such as Twista, Murphy Lee of "Nelly's Camp" and Aaron Hall (formally of "Guy"). She developed her own campaign through modeling, appearing on websites (Black Planet, Yahoo!, Beatbanger, DCNitez, Belizean Artist, Urban World Wireless, BET's Shine), performing in live concerts, and by word of mouth! She has worked with and received accolades from places such as:

  • The 1st Asian American Song Artist Festival, 1999 2nd Place Winner
  • The Filipino Superstar Nora Aunor, 2000 back-up singer
  • The 2001 Watts Festival
  • House of Blues (May, December 2002)
  • Hard Rock Cafe in Beverly Hills (2003)
  • A Shawn Healy Showcase at the Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA (2003/2004)
  • The Upside Down Club, Los Angeles (2003)
  • The Larchmont Club, Hollywood, CA (2003)
  • The Key Club on Sunset Strip, Hollywood, CA (2004)
  • The Viper Room (2004)
  • The Dragonfly Club, Hollywood, CA (2004)
  • BB Kings House of Blues, Universal City, CA (2004)
  • NBA Summer Pro-League National Anthem, Cal State University, Long Beach, CA (2004 and 2005 for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team)
  • The Venice Community Arts Center Festival (2004)

Ranella has also worked with Darelle Ross of Hidden Beach Productions (Jill Scott's Recording Label). So come and listen to Ranella's performance and find out how you can make it in the music entertainment biz.

... and Many More!