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Press and Media Information

Welcome to Pacific Media Expo, the largest show dedicated to Asian Media and Pop Culture in the United States! We would like to welcome all members of the press, both professional and amateur alike. Please review our policies and submit the requested information. Once we have confirmed all of your information, we will follow-up with the status of your request.

Press Photography & Video Policy on Concerts and Live Performances

Only pre-approved members of the press will be allowed to take photos/videotape from pre-designated areas of a concert or live performance. Photography is limited to the first three songs of each performance and only from the area between the barricades and the stage. Video coverage is limited to one minute. This policy is not inclusive to all concerts and performances and is subject to change depending upon each respective artists' arrangement with the PMX Press Office. In other words, there may be a separate policy specific only to a particular concert or performance. Members of the press may be notified of any policy changes prior to each concert or performance.


Traditional Press Application
The publication has to be in publication before January 1, 2004 with at least a 7,500 circulation per issue. The publication must be published at least quarterly.

Media and Freelance Press Badge Application
If you are a freelance writer/journalist/photographer, please send us copies of your work along with your business card and a letter of introduction on company letterhead. Include an official photo identification showing your name and date of birth.

Broadcast Media
If you are a broadcast journalist or photographer, please include a letter from a producer/editor on company letterhead stating that you are covering Pacific Media Expo on assignment. Include an official photo identification showing your name and date of birth.

If you are filming for a documentary, submit any clips that you may have completed, a list of completed projects and a letter of introduction on company letterhead stating the purpose of the documentary. Include an official photo identification showing your name and date of birth.

Webzine Press Badge Application
  • The website have to be live prior to January 1, 2004
  • 10,000 hits/month and at least 5,000 unique visitors per month. Please provide a live link to your statistics page.
  • The webzine is updated weekly.
  • The webzine must be focused on news or reviews.
  • The webzine have to cover at least one of the following: Asian Culture (Reviews, critiques or discussions.) Asian Entertainment (Asian cinema, music or movies.)
If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation via E-mail. When you arrive at the convention, please pick up your badge at the Press Office. Without your press badge, you will not have access to the convention. After the convention, we would appreciate a courtesy copy of your coverage for our records.

Press Badge Application

If you are interested in attending Pacific Media Expo as a member of the press, please submit a Press Pass Registration form. You will receive a response via E-mail.

For a detailed description of the application process, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Press Badge"?
A Press Badge allows us to identify you as a member of the press. This gives you access to the Press Room, the Press Office and seating preference for many of our special events.

What is a Press Badge good for?
Typically, the benefits of a Press Badge are:
  • Access to Guest of Honor (GoH) Panel Interviews
  • Preferred or reserved seating for special events (Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Masquerade, Concerts)
  • The ability to take photos or videotape special events.
Why might my Press badge be revoked?
  • Bothering a Guest of Honor.
  • Requesting autographs or sketches.
  • Bringing non-press guests to interviews or special events.
How do I obtain preferred or assigned seating for special events?
Show your badge at the door. Seating is limited, so please register in the Press Room for these events at least two hours before the event is to take place, and arrive early. Seating requests submitted after the two hour limit may not be honored, and seating is not guaranteed.

How do I apply for a Press Badge?
Please review the Press Badge qualifications information on this page and submit a Press Pass Registration form. You will receive a response via E-mail.

How many Press Badges per publication?
The official limit is four per publication. Exceptions can be made for professional video crews. The Press Relations Manager must approve all exceptions.

What is the difference between Press Badge Approval and having a Press Badge?
A confirmation E-mail will not get you into the convention. You must pick up a physical badge at the Press Office.

How long does a Press Badge approval take?
Press Badge approvals typically take 14 days. If you do not hear back from us, please follow up with the Press Relations manager.

What items are required for at-con Press Registration?
  • A valid photo ID
  • Press Credential. You MUST provide this item! No application will be considered without a current Press Credential.
  • Articles you have written featuring your byline. Do not show up with a word document print out of your article. The article must be in some sort of printed material. (i.e. magazines, newspaper or books.)
  • Professional association membership cards in your name, your business card with a letter of introduction on company letterhead from the media organization you represent.
  • A printout of your Press Pass Registration Receipt Page (the final confirmation page you see when you submit a Press Pass Registration form).
What and where is the Press Office?
The Press Office is where all the Press business is done. This is the place where members of the press register, pick up their badges and press kits, request seating for special events and find out interview schedules for our Guests of Honor. All special requests by the press should be submitted via the Press Office. The Press Office is located in Seaview Ballroom C of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

What is the Press Room?
The Press Room is where all interviews are hosted. Only Press members with badges are allowed access to the Press Room. If the room is vacant, press members can request to reserve it for private interviews or meetings. First priority will always go to official convention business. Meetings that run late will be asked to vacate for any official convention business.

How do I interview a Guest of Honor?
Every Guest of Honor hosts one panel interview. This is held in the Press Room. The master interview schedule will be available within the Press Kit. Any changes will be posted in the Press Office. Press members are encouraged to ask questions but also share the time with other press members. Guests are absolutely NOT allowed into GoH interviews. If you would like to conduct a one-on-one interview with a GoH, you will need to make your own arrangements through the guest's representative. PMX Press Staff can also forward requests for you. You MUST provide your own interpreter for private interviews.

How do I obtain additional information AFTER the convention?
Pacific Media Expo will be sending out a post-convention press release. This will include convention highlights, attendance numbers and the results of the charity auction. Additional images will be available for download on the PMX Press web page.

Who is the Press Manager who has the final say over everything?
Victoria Chan, Manager Press Relations

Attending Press Members

Attending Press
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