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How to Register (incl. Rex Tickets)

Follow these 3 simple steps to register for the convention and optionally reserve your Rex Navarrete Tickets:
  1. Register online. Click a link for "General Registration" or "Group Discount Registration". (Group Discount Registration saves you money! Get $5 off each adult membership when you register 10 or more adults; children do not qualify as part of the discount. Click here for more details.)
  2. Fill out a form. Please, provide information for each person registering, including what days you plan to attend. Rex Navarrete Performance: To reserve your Rex ticket, select either a Saturday or Sunday ticket. (Each ticket is an additional $10. Limit one reserved Rex ticket per person via registration. Additional Rex tickets may be available at the door.) When you're done, be sure to either print out the confirmation page or write down your webreg code after completing your registration.
  3. Pay at the door. Acceptable forms of payment are check, money order or traveler's checks, payable to Pacific Media Expo. The total amount is shown on your confirmation page, which includes the membership fees AND any Rex $10 tickets reserved. Be sure to write your webreg code on your check or money order for more accurate processing.

And you're done! Be sure to bring a photo ID along with your confirmation page or webreg code.

Rates for Membership Badges

Age and Date* Three Day One Day
Adult, paid by 01/05 $30 $20
Adult, paid by 05/25 $35 $20
Adult, paid by 08/20
$40 $20
Adult, At-the-door $40 $20
Child (12 or under**) $15 $15

* The date reflects the deadline for mail-in payments. Payments postmarked by that date will be accepted and processed.
** Children 5 years of age and under are admitted free. Children must be accompanied by a paid adult member to qualify for the Child rate.

Rex Navarrete Performance Tickets

Rex Navarrete will give two live performances at PMX on Saturday and Sunday night at 7:00 PM in the Long Beach Convention Center, Room 104.

Admission to a performance requires both a PMX 2005 membership badge for any day (even a One-Day badge for another day) AND a Rex ticket to the specific performance. Currently tickets are available with paying memberships through normal registration (online pre-registration with payment by mail or at the door, or at-con registration). Standby tickets will be available at the door.

Normal registration allows each membership to optionally reserve a single Rex ticket for $10 more. For each person in your group, select the performance they wish to attend on the web form as you register them. Reservations are confirmed by order of payment, not by online registration submission. For pre-registration, this follows the postmark date of payments as best as can be determined by our staff; you may pick up your Rex tickets along with your badge at Registration. For at-con sales, it will be "first come, first served" at Registration or another designated location if Registration is closed.

Please be advised there is a possibility of overselling which we will attempt to prevent. If this occurs, payments may be refunded. Reservation through normal registration may be suspended or ended to prevent overselling of advance tickets.

Note: Rex is also scheduled to do panels and/or autograph sessions which may not be held before or after his performances. Only a membership badge is required to attend these sessions; you do not need to purchase a Rex ticket to attend.

Online Registration is still available until August 31st!
Pre-registering saves you time in Registration and qualifies you for preferred line treatment. See the Pre-Register Before the Convention section for more details.
(Note: Mail-in payments are no longer accepted; the last postmark deadline was August 20th.)

Click here to see the links for online registration.

At-Con Registration

PMX Registration is located on the 2nd floor of the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel, a short walk from the convention center.

At-Con Registration Hours
Friday, Sept. 2 6pm - 10pm
Saturday, Sept. 3 8am - 6pm
Sunday, Sept. 4 8am - 6pm
Monday, Sept. 5* 8am - 4pm

* Advance Registration for PMX 2006 will be available on this day.

Tips to avoid long lines:
  • Visit Registration the day before you plan to attend, during the afternoon when lines are shorter. For your convenience, PMX Registration will be open on Friday September 2nd, one day before the rest of the convention.
  • Consider Pre-Registering for the convention. At-con processing is fastest if you have paid before you arrive. Otherwise, if you will be paying at the convention, bring a printout of your registration receipt page.

Pre-Register Before the Convention

Pre-registration helps you save time when we have your membership information in our system.

How to Pre-Register:
  1. Register Online to become Unpaid Pre-Registered. Submit an online form with your name, address, badge information, and attendance information. You will be taken to a registration receipt page, which contains a web registration code that we use to track your form until you have paid. (If you change your mind and decide not to attend, you do not need to cancel your Unpaid Pre-Registration. It will expire after the convention ends.)
  2. Print out your registration receipt page and keep a copy for your records. Please bring a copy to the convention with you, and enclose one in any paper correspondence you send to us.
  3. Pay by mail (optional). Send in your payment with a copy of your registration receipt page to the address on the receipt page. Please, check the mail-in deadlines before you mail your payment.
  4. Pick up your badge. Bring a copy of your registration receipt page to the Registration Room. If you are planning to pay at the door, we accept cash, checks, money orders, or traveler's checks. Photo ID required for checks, money orders, and traveler's checks.

Group Discounts

Group Discount Registration has the following restrictions:
  1. The discount is $5 per person, applied once to each member of the group. It is not a per-day discount.
  2. Group discounts may not be combined with any other discounts or promotions. (The mail-in deadlines are a price schedule, not a discount, so they do combine with the group discount.)
  3. There must be at least 10 people registering.
  4. The entire group must be paid for with a single check or money order.
  5. One Day group memberships must all be for the same day.
  6. Child memberships may not be part of a Group Discount Registration.
  7. Group Discount registration is only available if you use Group Web Registration.

Online Registration is available until noon Pacific Time on Wednesday, August 31, 2005.